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Letter to Editor: Deane is a Born Leader - 7/22/21

To the Editor,

Has leadership taken a back seat in our political arena? Does winning an election automatically mean a demand of respect? Or does one’s leadership skills determine the respect that comes with being an elected official? Even in sports, coaches must earn respect. In our professional lives, our conduct earns us respect. Trying to belittle or bully people does not earn you respect, nor is it deserved.

I believe we often take leadership skills for granted. I think our recent past shows us the importance of this skill. Yes, there are many skills a leader needs but being able to be a leader does not come with a title. Many people end up in leadership positions without ever being true leaders.

Connor Deane has shown leadership skills throughout most of his life. Many of us first came to know Connor as one of the stars of the Amity High School Theater program. He was leader on, and off stage. He understands that listening and understanding are important qualities for a leader. You cannot address the needs of those you serve without listening to them even when you may not agree.

As a lifelong Orange resident, Connor appreciates our town’s history. Yet, he also understands that we can honor our history while looking towards our future. His own family has a long history in town as the grandson of the late Eileen and Bill Ferguson, the son of Beth Ferguson Deane, and nephew to PJ, John and Michael Ferguson.

As a small business owner himself as well as the grandson of one-time small business owners, Connor understands the economics of business and the importance of small businesses to the town of Orange. Small businesses are part of our future and Connor understands how to develop them.

Never has Orange had such an opportunity to bring vision and leadership to our town as we do this November 2. I urge you to get to know Connor Deane over these next few months because once you do, I have no doubt you will join me in supporting Connor Deane for First Selectman.

Jody Dietch

Chair, Orange Democratic Town Committee

Originally appeared in Milford-Orange Times


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