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Meet the Candidates Picnic - 8/27/22

Very exciting that CT's U.S. Congressional leaders, local elected officials, and candidates will again gather to speak and interact with Orangeites! Join us for an informative, invigorating, and fun picnic.

For tickets and info call Jody (203-314-9975) or Polly (203-494-5976) or contact us.

Every year, this event becomes more popular! In 2020, buoyed by the Presidential election and people yearning for covid-safe fun community activities, the picnic was a big success. With speakers including candidates, local elected officials, and CT's U.S. Congressional leaders, plus yummy food catered by Lasse's (who adapted quite well to new serving standards), and the ever-popular raffle - it was the place to be! And hopefully, the only year masks will be required.

For tickets to 2021's Meet the Candidates Picnic contact:

  • Jody 203-314-9975

  • Polly 203-494-5976


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