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ODTC Announces Candidates - 7/20/21

The Orange Democratic Committee hosted its caucus on Tuesday, July 20, 2021.

It was no secret that Connor Deane, 29, planned to challenge First Selectman Jim Zeoli for the town’s top seat, but now it’s official.

Following is the complete 2021 Democratic ticket, which includes many new names:

  • First Selectman: Connor Deane

  • Board of Selectmen: Mitchell Goldblatt, Charles Flynn, Rosanna Cappeta

  • Town Clerk: Margaret Novicki

  • Tax Collector: Mark Moyher

  • Board of Finance: PJ Shanley, Patricia Romano, Kevin McNabola

  • Plan and Zoning: Dan Fitzmaurice, Mike Muttitt, (unfilled)

  • Orange Board of Education: Jared Mill Brandt, Carmen “Anna” Rodriguez, Elizabeth “Liz” Tremper

  • Amity Board of Education: Carla Eichler, Craig Lennon, Patricia “Patty” Post

  • Constables: Bob Shanley, Randy Thomas, Santo Galatioto, Jr, (unfilled)


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