Membership & Volunteer Opportunities

There are multiple ways you can help advance the policies and ethos of the Democratic party in Orange. You can become a member of the Orange Democratic Town Committee (ODTC), help during election time, participate in events, and donate.
Why become a member of the ODTC?

You’ll join like-minded voters to help advance Democratic policies in Orange and Connecticut. We enjoy working together to achieve shared goals! It’s a great way to volunteer based on your interests, skills and availability.

What does it take to become a member?

Members are elected by registered Democrats in Orange via an in-person caucus held in January of EVEN years. If you want to join, email Jody Dietch. The next membership caucus will be held January 4, 2022. See Notice of Democratic Caucus

What does being a member involve?

Membership expectations include attending meetings, fundraisers, and working during elections. There are several ways to get involved, including:

  • Planning and participating in fund-raising events

  • Phone-banking to campaign for our candidates

  • Writing postcards before elections

  • Canvas with or on behalf of candidates

  • Provide support behind-the-scenes

  • Work at our headquarters leading up to elections

Is the committee active aside from election time?

We’re involved in initiatives throughout the year and are proud of how we’ve helped Orange be a great place to live and raise a family. We’re neighbors and friends with Republican, Independent, and Unaffiliated voters, and while we don’t always agree on policy choices, we value the role everyone plays.


Joining the ODTC or volunteering without becoming a member is a great way to help shape the governance of Orange! 

To inquire, email Jody Dietch or send a letter to ODTC, P.O. Box 706, Orange, CT 06477.

Is it possible to volunteer without becoming a member?

Yes! At election time there’s lots to do, and there are ways to help throughout the year. We welcome your involvement!

Contact Jody Dietch to learn more: Email or call 203-314-9975. 


January 2022: A Message from Orange Democratic Committee Chairman Jody Dietch:

As we move into 2022, I have been thinking about where the ODTC goes from here. I think changes need to be made. We need to be sure that our elected members represent the democrats in Orange fully, fairly and without prejudice.

As we all know, in any organization 20% of the people do the work for 100% of the organization. Yet for the ODTC, I believe and expect more from our elected members. I expect people to work hard and support one another.

We also need new people with new ideas. I stepped onto the executive board when Trish Pearson was chair to cover the treasurer's job, after our treasurer had an accident at home. A year later, I became secretary for 5 years. Then I was asked to take the chairmanship for two years. Here I am six years later. Almost the entire time I have been fortunate to be a member of the ODTC, I have been on the executive committee. I would also say, times up.

I am announcing that I will not be seeking re-election to a fourth term. I have enjoyed my time on the executive committee but look forward to sitting out there with all of you! Unlike some, I know when it is time to turn the page, move on, and let others grab the reins.

I want to thank all of you for your support over all of these years. I have learned a lot and more importantly gained some wonderful friendships. We may not have always agreed but we had the same goals in mind. I am not going anywhere and plan to remain involved but as the worker bee, not the Queen bee!

Please know that my decision not to seek re-election was made months ago and has nothing to do with the election or anything else. Our term limits allow me another term but it is time.

Thank you,

Jody Dietch