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O'Sullivan Award - Phil Smith

The ODTC established this annual award to commemorate the O’Sullivan family’s legacy of public service. It's given in recognition of an Orange resident who demonstrates outstanding community service through their involvement in local, state, and/or national government.  GET TICKETS.


Phil Smith

Phil Smith portrait.jpeg

“Humbled brilliance” are the words many use to describe this year’s O’Sullivan Award honoree, Phil Smith.  This annual award given by the Orange Democratic Town Committee is in recognition of an Orange resident for outstanding community service through their involvement in local, state or national government.   

Phil and his wife, Loretta, have been Orange residents for more than 50 years.  Just a few short years after moving to Orange, Phil was elected to the Orange Democratic Town Committee.  He remained an active member until 2012, serving for 35 years.  During that time, Phil was the campaign treasurer for both Mitch Goldblatt when running for First Selectman and Paul Davis, while a State Representative.

Phil’s involvement in Orange politics inspired him to run for office. He served on the Orange Board of Finance for 20 years, and as its chair from 2000 – 2004. Like many people who are involved with the Orange Democratic Town Committee, Phil’s commitment to serve continues beyond politics.  Phil is a longtime member of the Orange Rotary Club, serving as its president, twice.  He also has been the treasurer of New Haven’s Community Soup Kitchen for nearly 20 years as well as being on the board of the Elm Shakespeare Company and the Southern Connecticut State University Foundation.

You may notice a common theme of serving as treasurer for many organizations.  Phil’s background is in mathematics.  He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics from Dartmouth University, his Master of Science degree from Stanford University and his PhD from Columbia University where he currently serves as a visiting professor at the Teachers College.

Phil spent many years at Southern Connecticut State University as a faculty member of the Mathematics Department.  He also served as the Department chair, Dean of Arts and Sciences, Academic Vice President, and Acting President. Phil retired from SCSU in 2005.

Mathematics has taken Phil around the globe.  He has taught mathematics in Chile, China and Gambia.  In addition, Phil has had many articles published on the topic of mathematics.

Maintaining their Orange commitment, Loretta and Phil are members of the Church of Good Shepherd. They have two children. Deborah, her husband Stuart and their three children, Alexander and twins Penelope and Theodore, live in England.  Their son, Andrew, his wife Linda, and their son Wilson live in Brooklyn, NY.


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