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Ken Briodagh


"I am excited to be running for Amity Board of Education because I see the generation of kids now in middle and high school as having the most potential to change the world for the better than any before it (including my own), and that means they need our help to make sure they get the most well-rounded and complete education we can offer, as Amity always has done. I believe it’s critical to avoid the influence of backward, conservative, anti-progressive political rhetoric, especially in education, and instead focus on evidence-based science and history curricula, on the arts, and on leading-edge technology. As a member of the Amity BOE, I will drive policy that will support those aims."

• Occupation: Writer
• Educational Background- college, post-grad, certifications: University of Maine at Machias
• Winner of awards for writing and editing from AFCP, ASPBE, NEPA, SIPA and TABPI
• Author of “Stories & Sins” a book of poetry, and “IoT Time: Evolving Trends in the Internet of Things”
• Published in “Connecticut Bards Poetry Review 2023”
• Instructor for “Not in the Face” Stage Combat company
• Years in Orange: 10

Ken Briodagh
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